Cremation Rising In Popularity In America

Cremation Rising In Popularity In America

For centuries, much of the Western world preferred burial over cremation more so than Eastern cultures. Over the last several decades, this has begun to gradually shift and more Western countries are adopting cremation practices. In general, the United States has been the exception to this trend, sticking with burial customs. A New Trend Towards […]

Secure Your Loved Ones Ashes Against Theft

Secure Your Loved Ones Ashes Against Theft

We all feel the value of the remains of our loved ones on a deep level. Many people choose to honour and remember their loved ones by keeping them close by in urns, jewelry, etc. What many never think about is the possibility of those remains being stolen. There isn’t much value in them for […]

ashes scattered in local park

Why it’s important to plan your scattering activities

It seems sometimes that life’s most important ceremonial occasions can easily become complicated. There are so many details to be concerned about with things like weddings, baptisms, funerals, and the like. The same is true of scattering ashes, as the people of Plymouth are discovering. Ashes found in park According to Devon Live, the last […]


Scattering Ashes Makes WMN Business Awards Shortlist

Scattering Ashes has been in the news lately. First, a very kind article on discussed our unique. The article highlights the rise of cremation in the UK. This has resulted in an increase of interest in ways of celebrating passed loved ones through disposition of their remains. Devon Live points out the creative and unique […]

Funeral Pyre

Last Rites for the Patel Caste

Scattering on Water specializes in memorials that celebrate the loved ones of families that have died. We are extremely dedicated to our customers. Our goal is to alleviate some stress and care for the needs and emotions of those we work with in special ways.   We continuously strive to celebrate those that you love […]

veteran remembers fallen comrades

Navy Veteran Honours Fallen Comrades in Unique Way

Scattering on Water wants to help you as you decide what to do with the ashes of your loved one. Quite often, we work with families that are interested in an ash scattering ceremony. This is an outstanding way to celebrate their life and what they mean to you.   Once the deceased person has […]

River Thames

Swami Maharaj’s Ashes Scattered on the River Thames

Scattering on Water has a sincere desire to help families say goodbye to their loved ones in a special way.  Recently, we’ve heard so many stories about unique ash scattering ceremonies. They are a thoughtful way to both say goodbye and to be able to honor the one that has passed away. One thing we […]

moray firth scattering

Inverness: Moray Firth

Location  Bay/Moray Firth Area of operation Anywhere (except small pioneer which is restricted to the bay only) Type of boat Pioneer multi 8.5m Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) ‘Buchaneer’ 3. 7.85m Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) ‘Privateer’ 31ft Sailing Catamaran ‘Meercat’ Duration of trip As required Capacity of boat Pioneer Multi- 7 People Buchaneer- 12 People Privateer- 10 […]

loch lomond scattering ashes

Sterling: Loch Lomond

Scattering ashes over Loch Lomond Location Luss Pier, Loch Lomond Area of operation Loch Lomond Type of boat See above Duration of trip 30 Mins – 60 Mins – more if required Capacity of boat With regards to the seating capacity our boats can accommodate a maximum of 7 passengers per boat [8 persons including […]

dublin scattering ashes

Ireland, Dublin: River Liffey

Location Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Area of operation  Lower end of the river Liffey, coast surrounding Dublin and the Irish Sea Type of boat Passenger Boat Duration of trip According to our clients wishes. Capacity of boat Max 10 passengers. Refreshments Feel free to bring drinks and snacks. Additional Dublin Bay and the surrounding area is […]


Veteran’s Ashes Scattered from HMAS Darwin

Scattering on Water specializes in memorials that celebrate the loved ones of families that has passed away but held so dear. We go alongside people that are grieving in order to help them come up with a tribute or special way to scatter the ashes of their family member or friend.   Military Ash Scattering […]

laws on scattering ashed in hong kong

Laws for Scattering Ashes in Hong Kong

Scattering on Water has a desire to help our customers say goodbye to their loved ones in a memorable and thoughtful way.  Recently, we’ve heard so many stories about unique ash scattering ceremonies. They are lovely tributes to people. One thing we encourage people to be mindful of is that they need to consider the […]

Florida’s Nepture Memorial Reef

Scattering on Water has the goal to assist their customers as they say goodbye to their loved ones. They believe it can be a memorable and noteworthy experience which can help the healing process too. We are available to assist those that need to talk and to help them think of ways to scatter the […]

Scattering Ashes Ceremony Remembering PEARL HARBOR

Ash Scattering Ceremony Remembering Pearl Harbor

Scattering on Water wants to help you through your decision to do an ash scattering ceremony for your loved one.   After cremation, families must choose what they plan to do with the remains and ashes of the deceased.   Some people make their desires known and others don’t. However, as a tribute, many families try […]


Memorial for Child with a Tumor

Phoenix Memorial Gardens is passionate about the goal to help people as they deal with the loss of a loved one.  We are able to help you as you grieve and be a resource while you work through this difficult time.  If we can give any relief to our customers, then that is what we […]

memorial removal

Removal of Memorial

Phoenix Garden Memorials realizes that the grieving process of a loved takes a long time.  Our goal is to truly give you the opportunity to work through all the emotions that go along with the death of someone you love. We would like to be a helpful resource as you heal.  Memorials are a special […]


Unclaimed Individuals Buried in Mass Grave in Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles County, many were laid to rest in a mass burial grave. These individuals were those that were homeless, had families unable to give a proper burial, and others. Whatever the reason these people didn’t have a burial, the County prepared a cremation ceremony for them. Scattering Ashes Ceremony Performed There was a […]

ashes kent scatter rive medway

Kent: Tonbridge river Medway

Tonbridge Kent: The River Medway   Location Big Bridge, Tonbridge High Street TN9 1DR Area of operation River Medway in Kent Type of boat Modern electric launch Duration of trip Any to suit, minimum 30 minutes Capacity of boat 12 passengers Refreshments Located in the centre of Tonbridge with many café, restaurants and pubs nearby […]


Religious views on scattering ashes cause stir in India

Prior to 1963, the practice of cremation was totally banned in the Catholic Church. The historic Vatican II decrees made provision for cremation among Catholics, but still preferred burial as the norm. This stance was updated in late October when the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued new guidelines. Scattering ashes or burying […]

According to Victoria News, the number of families that are scattering ashes of loved ones is on the rise. Benesh, who happens to be the owner of Earth’s Option Cremation and Burial Services in Victoria. He gave an estimation that of the 4,000 deaths in the year in Greater Victoria, approximately 1,000 of them were scattered on water.

Scattering Ashes is Becoming More Popular

According to Victoria News, the number of families that are scattering ashes of loved ones is on the rise. Benesh, who happens to be the owner of Earth’s Option Cremation and Burial Services in Victoria. He gave an estimation that of the 4,000 deaths in the year in Greater Victoria, approximately 1,000 of them were […]


Unclaimed Ashes to be Scattered Over Water

On a dreary day in Pierce County, a local chaplain knocks on the door of a quiet little home. He’s at the last known address of an elderly gentleman who passed away last year. He’s trying to track down the gentleman’s next of kin to let them know his cremated remains are still in storage […]

Sana, Yemen (Dec. 17, 2005) - U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Frank Fazalore and Chief Petty Officer Zach Holzhausen, watch a Yemen Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team members prepare to x-ray a suspicious package believed to be an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a training scenario. U.S. Navy EOD team members assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa from Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, participate in an exercise with members of Yemen's Ministry of the Interior EOD team. The exercise enhances the capabilities of the EOD teams to counter terrorism, while strengthening relationships between allies. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Stacy L. Pearsall (RELEASED)

Police Identify Suspicious Package as Cremated Remains

Put yourself in the shoes of a thief breaking into a car. You’ve busted a window, or popped the lock and now the clock is ticking. You have to get everything you can grab as quickly as possible. It’s probably dark so your visibility is low. Just stuff it all in the bag and sort […]


New Paper Urns Becoming a Natural Burial Alternative

The Soso Japan Society, has recently become aware of an interesting new trend in natural burial. As reported by The Asahi Shimbun, the Tokyo-based non-profit exists to promote natural burial practices in Japan. They say that this method reminds them of classic Japanese burial rituals from long ago. New Vessels Rather than the traditional ceramic vessels […]


Boat Overturns at Lido Beach

According to the Malay Mail, five men and one young boy survived a potential tragedy when their boat capsized just off Lido Beach. The group of six was scattering ashes of a relative just after 9am, when a Singapore Marine patrol boat passed near their boat. The wake of the passing boat proved too powerful […]

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