Scatter ashes on the sea

sea ashes scattering

Scattering funeral ashes at sea:

We can find a boat operator for you from virtually every section of coast line of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, even the Isle of Man

In the UK you do not need a license or permission to scatter funeral ashes in coastal waters.

You do not need specifically designed water urn, although we would recommend it.

Some guidance and advice:

  • Do not leave urns not design for the purpose or water burials in the water, they may not break down, they can impact wildlife and the plastic ones tend to float and are very robust.
  • Scattering on the surface of the water, even on a calm day can lead to problems the ash contains very fine particles that will blow about on the slightest breeze and tend to stick to the side of the boat.
  • Water urns are designed to float for a short while sink and then breakdown, some almost straight away some over about 24 hrs.
  • Rose or other flower petals can make a nice touch for the ceremony
  • If you are casting a wreath or similar please ensure there is no plastic or wire is used.


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