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Water is the perfect place for scattering a loved ones cremation ashes. Whether your choose a river, the sea, a lake or a canal we can help. Whether you need a boat, an urn or just good clear advice – we can help.

People of the British Isles and beyond have a strong association to water: whether through or jobs, where we love to play, whether it hold spiritual meaning or the fact that water make up over 80% of our body. So it is not surprising many of would wish this to be our final resting place for our ashes.

Water is both mentally calm and stimulating,  from a tranquil lake, to a babbling brook or a crashing wave on a beach.

If this is your choice,  we can help: from picking the right location, choosing the right urn, to how to conduct a ceremony and record it.


blue ashes urn water

Biodegradable Roman Urn

These urns are fantastic replicas of Roman Urns from a thousand years ago complete with seal that can be kept on display before you bury or put them in water. They are made of unfired clay and are designed to dissolve completely in water, a stylish design that is perfect for a water burial. They will float for a few minutes then gently submerge and biodegrade completely. You can choose from Sky Blue or Light Brown. Perfectly designed for a water burial in the sea, a lake or river, these biodegradable eco-urns are also suitable for land burial, moisture in the soil will help the urn to biodegrade.
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